Organic ~ Fair Trade Skin & Body Care

Bast Body Butter

For luscious, radiant skin apply Bast Body Butter liberally. Let your skin drink in the hydration offered by the shea and cocoa butters. The Citrus essential oil uplifts the spirit and the energetic effects of chocolate help to aid you in your busy life. Enjoy an exhilarating experience for your skin!

(50 ml, 80 mg CBD) | $30 each

Airmid Healing Salve

A must-have in every home apothecary. Apply onto scrapes, burns, and skin irritations. Airmid Salve is great for skin regeneration and promotes deep skin healing with the synergy of calendula and comfrey. Arnica promotes circulation and its anti-inflammatory properties reduce muscle tension. Use a small amount and apply as needed.

(30 ml, 250 mg CBD) | $50 each

Kuan Yin Massage Oil

Look no further we have the nectar juice that your body is searching for. Formulated and blended with your body in mind, our hemp infused massage oil is soothing, nurturing, and calming. Exactly what the body needs to feel its best.

(250mg CBD, 40ml) $30 each

Organic Herbal Blend Tea 

Inanna Sleep Tea

Want to have a calm mind and restful sleep? Inanna sleep tea is a blend of herbs that soothe, relax, and restore balance to your nervous system. Enjoy an evening of deep peace while adding Inanna sleep tincture to a cup of warm tea.

(6 tea bags, 50mg cbd/tea bag) | $20 each

Aphrodite Aphrodisiac Tea

Want to enhance your senses and feel good? Aphrodite aphrodisiac tea blend soothes your body while stimulating your sensory experience. Herbs like damiana and ashwagandha both increase your circulation and awaken your sexual appetite. Enjoy a special moment with a special person.

(6 tea bags, 50mg cbd/tea bag) | $20 each