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Sulis Roman Celtic Goddess

Sulis is a Celtic deity that was worshiped at the thermal springs in Bath, England.  Since ancient times, her spring has been renowned for its healing qualities. The meaning of her name is still debated, but most believe it to derive from a root word meaning “eye” or “gap”, which refers to the spring of healing waters as well as the powerful seeing “eye” that she is for told to have.


This Celtic Goddess is a representation on healing waters, blessings, and community offerings. Her symbols are water wheat cakes, and fire. Sulis is the overseer of sacred waters as well as having association with the fiery heart of the sun. 


The Romans related Sulis to their Goddess Minerva, who was the Goddess of poetry, wisdom, arts, science, and magic. To the Romans, she was called Sulis Minerva. 


Although Sulis is widely known for being a Goddess Mother of healing and nourishment, she is also known to curse as well as cure. It is said that if you dropped a “curse tablet” into the sacred waters, it would send a curse onto a person of wrong doing. 


100 miles outside of London, the healing water of Sulis can be found as they have been for thousands of years. The festivals in Bath are saturated in folklore and history as thousands continue to flock to the hot springs every year.


The Goddess Sulis invites you to treat yourself to a steamy bath, allowing the hot waters to relieve your tension and release the dies-ease of your day.

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