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Organic Bath Salts

Organic Bath Salts by MAAT Botanicals

Organic salt baths can improve circulation, ease muscle pain, and soothe irritated skin. Add some as you run your bathwater for an at-home spa experience. You can use organic bath salts to soak tired feet or exfoliate wet skin in the shower. Create a therapeutic atmosphere with organic bath salts by MAAT Botanicals.

All of our products are certified vegan, cruelty free. MAAT Botanicals infused bath salts are a rehydrating blend to relax your entire body and reduce inflammation. Sulis organic bath salts promote healthy skin with hemp-infused coconut oil and lavender essential oil, combined with Epsom salts and Himalayan salt.


Or try our Sulis Salt Scrub to gently pull toxins from your skin, exfoliate, and remove old skin cells. It also features anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce redness. Plus botanicals to leave moisturized and glowing skin.

Why not try MAAT Botanicals organic bath salts today?

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