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Kuan Yin Asian Goddess

    Kuan Yin is one of the deities that can be found most abundantly in Chinese temples, alters, and homes across the globe. In Sanskrit, her name is  Padma-pâni, or "Born of the Lotus." In Chinese culture she is known as the Goddess of Mercy and is also known as "great mercy, great pity; salvation from misery, salvation from woe; self-existent; thousand arms and thousand eyes," She is also often referred to as the Goddess of the Southern Sea — or Indian Archipelago. 

    Kuan Yin is largely worshiped by women and is known to comfort the sick, the troubled, the lost, and the unfortunate. Due to her growing popularity, she also became the protector of seafarers, farmers and travelers. 

    According to legend, when Kuan Yin stood at the entrance to heaven, she was unable to enter because she was overwhelmed by the cries of the suffering she heard back on Earth.  So instead of entering into Heaven, she turned around and returned to Earth to help those in need. 

    Through the many trials of her own human existence, she gained a true love and compassion for all beings. She is known to many as a Bodhisattva of Compassion. In Sanskrit, Bodhisattva means an enlightened being who has chosen to forgo the higher realms in order to be of service to beings suffering on the earthly plane. 

     A bodhisattva cultivates virtue and pursues his/her spiritual career while on a path of self-sacrifice for the welfare of others and gives compassionate, loving service to humanity and to all sentient life. A bodhisattva can be a person still in embodiment or a celestial being like Kuan Yin. At this highest transcendent level, the title is mahasattva.


A prayer to Quan Yin


Oh Angel of Mercy

Be with me throughout this day

So that through my heart

Love, compassion, kindness, and mercy 

May flow to all life.

Let an increased action of the violet light go forth

Through my heart and soul to raise the Earth

In sacred fire 

And to bring love into play in all realms upon Earth

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