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Cruelty Free And Vegan

MAAT Botanicals: Cruelty Free and Vegan Store

If you’re searching for cruelty free and vegan stores online, MAAT Botanicals has you covered. Our company vision is to empower lifestyle choices with carefully selected fair trade, organic ingredients, and products that inspire. At MAAT Botanicals, we create our cruelty free and vegan cosmetics and herbal remedies by hand. Not only that, but we test each batch at a certified testing facility to ensure purity and consistency.

Whether it’s our Best Body Butter with citrus essential oil and chocolate or our Inanna Sleep Tea with a blend of herbs to balance the nervous system—you’ll find high-quality products in our vegan store to fit your lifestyle. Maybe you wonder what we mean by cruelty free and vegan. Our compassionate vegan store ensures we make our products without any animal testing. Cruelty free and vegan means we don’t use animal-derived ingredients in our products. If you’re searching for a vegan store, you likely share the same values.

MAAT Botanicals hand make cruelty free and vegan body butters, salves, bath salts, and herbal tea blends. For example, our Airmid Salve is a must-have in your home apothecary. It’s perfect for easing pain and healing scrapes, burns, and skin irritations, promoting deep skin healing with calendula and comfrey. What’s more, the arnica promotes circulation. Not only that, our cruelty free and vegan Airmid Salve offers anti-inflammatory properties to reduce muscle tension.

The Egyptian goddess Ma’at represents integrity, truth, balance, and the unity of all things. At MAAT Botanicals, our goal is to produce cruelty free and vegan products that honor these beliefs. Please enjoy our vegan store and conveniently purchase MAAT products online.

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