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5 Tips to choosing high quality CBD products!

  1. Always do your research. Most companies have websites that tell you about the company's ethics and products. It's important to do some research before purchasing CBD products.

  2. Read Labels its important to know what we put on and into our bodies. If you can not pronounce it you probably do not want to use it on your skin. Most labels contain a few preservatives that we can not pronounce, but their should be few of these words on the label.

  3. Choose products with organic and when necessary fair trade ingredients. This will help to ensure that these products are not harming people or the environment with their production. There are many third party certification organizations that provide Organic Certification in the United States such as, Oregon Tilth. Fair Trade and Cruelty Free are some other examples of other organizations the guarantee quality and integrity in the manufacturing of natural products.

  4. Is testing available for the products, does it have a QR code on the packaging that ties to it's testing. There are new ways to check the quality of the products coming to market daily.

  5. Make sure that the products you are buying are clearly labeled and include the following information:

-Potency in milligrams. (How many mg's of CBD are in the product?)


-Ingredient label

-Proper warnings


Proper labeling shows that a company is aware of the laws governing the sales of herbal supplements.

Remember to make it fun after all you are treating yourself to some self care. Does the product include other botanicals that you are excited to try as well? Do you desire the effect that the packaging boasts? It's a treat to have so many products available to use, try one if you are not happy with the results try another. The journey to find the product that is right for you can be a sensual and rewarding experience.

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